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Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Bunbury welcomes you.

Are you suffering from pain or an injury that’s stopping you from enjoying life? Constant or chronic pain is not something that just ‘comes with age’ – Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Bunbury can help.

We’re passionate about treating people aged 40+ who want to stay fit and healthy without the need for medications, injection or surgeries.

At Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Bunbury our philosophy is to actually take the time to listen to you about your specific problem and discover what’s causing your pain. That way, we can teach you how to fix the cause of your injury and not just treat the symptoms, only for your pain to return.

All of our physiotherapists have post-graduate degrees and practice “hands on” physiotherapy to help you get back to enjoying life fast. We have spent years perfecting the exercises we will show you, to ensure your pain doesn’t return so you can keep living a healthy and active life, free of pain or injury.

Located in Bunbury CBD with easy free parking (remember to get a ticket) Spine & Sports Physiotherapy are your local Bunbury Physiotherapy Centre.

How we are different…

  • Open EARLY to LATE & SATURDAYS. At Spine & Sports Physiotherapy, we understand that you have many commitments during the working week and are available Early to Late and Saturdays to help you get back to enjoying life at a time that suits your schedule.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with the service you received at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy, we’ll give you a full refund and your next session is free.
  • A FREE 21-day Rehabilitation Membership. Spine & Sports Physiotherapy has teamed up with Anytime Fitness to provide you with over $1million worth of fitness and rehabilitation equipment in conjunction with our treatment plans, to get you back to enjoying life fast.
  • Ultimate Privacy. Our treatments are always performed in comfortable modern rooms. There are no curtains or cubicles, because your privacy matters.
  • One-to-One Treatment Sessions. Your physiotherapist is committed to your individualised treatment by ensuring quality care and will never switch between multiple patients in different rooms. We are focused on freeing you from pain and rehabilitating your injury.
  • Online Bookings. Convenience at your fingertips. Simply schedule your next appointment at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy from your computer or smart phone.

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