Our Clinic

Spine & Sports Physiotherapy loves to help people:

  • Be free of pain or injury – our “hands on” treatment techniques will relieve your suffering while our specific exercises will help speed up recovery.
  • Keep active and healthy – so you can walk the dog, go for a run, take your grandchildren to the park, or simply enjoy a round of golf.
  • Stay free from painkillers – so you’re not always reaching in the cupboard for painkillers to ease your pain. Long term painkillers can have a negative effect on your body and they are only masking the problem, not fixing the cause.
  • Avoid injections or surgeries – we’ll discover the root-cause of your problem, so you don’t end up at the point of facing injections or surgeries.
  • Get more enjoyment out of life – so you can have more quality time with your family and friends.

Why people choose Spine & Sports Physiotherapy?

  • Open WEEKENDS.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • A FREE 21-day Rehabilitation Membership.
  • Ultimate Privacy.
  • One-to-One Treatment Sessions.
  • Online Bookings.

Spine & Sports Physiotherapy would love to see you and help you to be free of pain and injury. 

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