Neck Pain

Are you one of the millions of Australians who suffers from neck pain? If you are, you will know how frustrating neck pain can be and how it can significantly impact your life.

Sign & Symptoms

  • constant dull aches and muscular tension
  • infrequent stabbing pains
  • locked joints restricting or severely limiting your head movement
  • headaches (cervicogenic)
  • can lead to nerve entrapments (pins and needles down the arm into the fingers)
  • tiredness from the loss of a good night’s sleep

What causes neck pain?

The most common cause of neck pain is poor posture. Stress and anxiety, your sleeping position, previous sporting injuries and whiplash (from a car accident) are other potential causes of neck pain. This is in addition to arthritis and degenerative disc disease in the older adult.

Despite affecting roughly 10% of the population at any given point in time, neck pain is relatively simple to fix in the majority of cases once an accurate diagnosis has been established.

How can we help?

  • Soft Tissue Massage to relieve pain, reduce muscular tension and improve flexibility. This will be combined with a home-based Stretching Program.
  • Joint Mobilisations / Manipulations (Adjustments) can unlock stiff joints restoring normal neck movement and alignment
  • Acupuncture / Dry Needling to relieve pain and deactivate trigger points (which may refer pain into the head and tingling down the arms). This can also be used in combination with Electrotherapy if indicated.
  • Postural Re-Education will involve teaching you how to sit or stand correctly to prevent your neck pain from returning. We can also come to your workplace to perform an Ergonomic Assessment specific to your workstation if necessary.
  • Kinesio-Taping will help improve your posture by preventing you from slipping into old habits.

Are you suffering from the daily routine of nagging and annoying neck pain that so too many of us experience? Are you sick and tired of living in pain and are constantly having to reach for the medication cabinet to get you through a normal work day?

Luckily for you, the experts at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy know exactly how you feel as we see this every day. Come in and see us today before nagging and annoying becomes SEVERE and PAINFUL!!!