FREE Physio Assessment

for Dalyellup Plus Fitness Members

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Are you suffering from pain or injury and need to get it fixed as soon as possible?

Spine & Sports Physiotherapy offers FREE Assessments to all Dalyellup Plus Fitness members. 

In this 100% FREE session you will discover:

  • An accurate diagnosis (what’s causing your pain)
  • Your prognosis (how long will it take to get better)
  • What physiotherapy does and HOW WE CAN HELP SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

This 100% FREE session means exactly that…

  • A no expense FREE Assessment from one of our expert Physiotherapists. There is no monetary obligation to buy or to carry on with treatment. However, if you would like to proceed with treatment after this assessment, you can do so immediately at the cost of a standard consultation.

Let us prove to you how good we are…

  • I’m so confident in our service at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee (if you’re not 100% happy with your treatment session, you can have your money back and we’ll deliver your next session free)

How else can we help you get back to enjoying life fast…

  • We are open 7am to 7pm and SATURDAY MORNINGS (so you don’t have to organise time off work) 


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