FREE Physio Assessment

for Dalyellup Plus Fitness Members

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Are you suffering from pain or injury and need to get it fixed as soon as possible?

Spine & Sports Physiotherapy offers FREE Assessments to all Dalyellup Plus Fitness members. 

In this 100% FREE Assessment you will discover:

  • An accurate diagnosis (what’s causing your pain)
  • Your prognosis (how long will it take to get better)
  • What physiotherapy does and HOW WE CAN HELP SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

This 100% FREE Assessment means exactly that…

  • A no expense FREE Assessment from one of our expert Physiotherapists. There is no monetary obligation to buy or to carry on with treatment. However, any hands-on treatment, exercise prescription or advice that follows the assessment will be charged at the rate of a standard consultation.

Let us prove to you how good we are…

  • I’m so confident in our service at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee (if you’re not 100% happy with your treatment session, you can have your money back and we’ll deliver your next session free)

How else can we help you get back to enjoying life fast…

  • We are open 7am to 7pm and SATURDAY MORNINGS (so you don’t have to organise time off work) 


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