Clinical Pilates Bunbury

Our Physiotherapy clinic in the Bunbury CBD provides tailored 1-on-1 and small groups of Clinical Pilates.

Bunbury Pilates

Pilates involves moving through a slow, controlled series of exercises using body awareness and core strength. As a result, Pilates is a great way of improving general fitness and returning to exercise post injury. 

Many gyms and studios offer Pilates exercise classes. However, the difference at Spine & Sports Physio Bunbury is that each person has a program unique to them. In other words, this personalised approach, rather than simply a generic workout, is vital for a safe rehab following injury.  

Not to mention, our new Rehab Gym and Pilates Studio has been set up with modern Pilates reformers, half cadillac towers, a Wunder chair, barrels and small equipment. Thus, you will be able to perform your Pilates exercises in a number of different ways and have them tailored exactly to your needs.

In addition to this, our Clinical Pilates small groups (max 4) and 1:1 private sessions are run by experienced Physios and Exercise Physiologists only. Therefore, you will always be in safe hands and also be eligible to claim a rebate from your private health insurance.

Who would benefit from Clinical Pilates:

  • if you currently have a musculoskeletal injury, or want to prevent them developing
  • anyone aged 40 years or more who wants to stay strong and active throughout their lifetime
  • someone who has not exercised for a long time and wants some guidance
  • anyone who is interested in Pilates for health and fitness. However, they would like more support the small groups (max 4) offer rather than a traditional class of up to 12 people
  • patients who have recently had surgery and need rehabilitation
  • pregnant women
  • someone with a medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes
  • overweight or obese people

Health benefits of Clinical Pilates:

  • Improved posture and body awareness
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Greater core strength and body tone, especially of your abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks
  • Reduced neck and low back pain
  • Increased pelvic floor function and stabilisation of your spine
  • Reduced risk of injury through low-impact strengthening exercises
  • Better fitness, stress management and relaxation 

How to get started? Firstly, you will need to book an “Initial Pilates Appointment” with your Physio. This session involves an assessment to discuss history and Pilates goals. After that, your physio will then create and take you through a personalised program in our Pilates Studio. You will then be all set to start exercising in one of our small group sessions 🙂