Joint Replacement Programs

Have you recently had your hip or knee replaced and have been told by your Doctor that you now need to “exercise it” but you don’t know where to start? Or have you seen friends undergo surgery and are now concerned that you may end up with a limp too?

I want you to know that the experts at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy are 100% committed to ensuring that you get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.

We have structured Joint Replacement Programs specific for hip and knee replacements, that will help with:

  • Reducing your pain and swelling from surgery
  • Increasing the amount of movement in the joint
  • Strengthening your leg muscles to help you with walking and getting out of chairs
  • Improving your health, fitness and quality of life by getting you back to the things you love faster
  • these programs will also help ease pain coming from an arthritic joint ON THE OTHER LEG

Whether you want to get back to walking the dog, gardening, playing with the grandchildren or simply enjoying a round of golf again – we can help get you there!

Please note – Did you know that research shows better outcomes (including less overall pain and time spend in hospital) in people who perform physiotherapy exercises BEFORE going into surgery