Mobile Physiotherapy

We understand that physiotherapy is a vital service, so if you’re in pain and cannot make it into the clinic for whatever reason, you now have the option of us coming to you.

Our expert physiotherapists will bring all the required equipment and turn your space into a temporary physiotherapy clinic.

Why choose mobile physiotherapy?

  • Are you too time poor? Be treated in the comfort of your own home or office at your convenience.
  • A “Personalised” Assessment. If your shoulder hurts while reaching into YOUR cupboards, we can check exactly what’s happening as we are already there.
  • Perfect for Post-Operative Care. Have you recently undergone surgery and are not allowed to drive? No problem. Just sit back, relax, and let us come to you.
  • Road Safety. Driving in severe pain or being unable to check your blind spot is very dangerous and carries the risk of potentially causing a fatal accident. It’s not worth the risk, call us instead.

So if you’re in pain and need physiotherapy to come to you – call us NOW on (08) 9707 3708.