Sports Physiotherapy

Are you sick of watching the game from the side-lines? Get your sports injury assessed at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Bunbury to get back on track fast!

sports physiotherapy bunbury

The Physios at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Bunbury are your local experts in sports injury diagnosis, treatment and exercise rehab. 

We love helping people of all ages, from weekend warriors to Australian athletes. 

Our modern Rehab Gym and Pilates Studio can help fast-track your recovery. Get in touch if you want to get back to playing ASAP, maximise performance and prevent future injuries.  

How We Can Help:

  • Sports Taping & Strapping. We can support your injury area so you can get back to playing ASAP. 
  • Treadmill Assessments. Lower back or leg pain with running? Let our experts record your running technique in our Rehab Gym. We can then show you in slow-motion why you have the problem and strategies to help. 
  • Gym Assessments. Do you have low back pain with barbell squats? What about knee pain with lunges? We see these problems everyday and can help reduce your pain and show you exercises to help. We can even check your technique in our Rehab Gym to ensure correct form and prevent re-injury. 
  • Clinical Pilates. Our Clinical Pilates 1:1 sessions and small groups (max 4) run every evening and Saturday mornings. They’re great for people who want to quickly progress through their exercises, or need the extra motivation and supervision. All exercises are tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. 
  • Sports Massage. Got a niggle or a tight muscles that’s not going away? Smooth it out with a Sports Massage and get back to playing at your best ASAP. 
  • Exercise Physiology. Want to improve your sporting performance and prevent injuries? Our Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercise rehab. Therefore, they can help design a specific gym program to help you achieve your goals. 

Common Running Injuries:

Common Gym-Goer’s Injuries:

Common Team Sport Injuries:

The longer you leave an injury without being seen, the more damage you could be doing to it. therefore, more missed games and time away from sport and exercise. Get it looked at ASAP to prevent chronic problems.