Sports Physiotherapy

Are you sick of watching the game from the side-lines? Is injury keeping you from the sports you love to play?

The Experts in Sports Injuries The Physiotherapists at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy are experts in sports injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We have extensive knowledge of injuries that can arise while exercising or playing sport and have experience in treating everyone from weekend warriors through to international athletes. Our belief is not just about getting you back to playing as soon as possible, but also in helping you to maximise performance and prevent future injuries. Partnerships in Health Spine & Sports Physiotherapy are now working together with one of the biggest fitness communities in Australia – 24hr gym Anytime Fitness. All new patients will receive a FREE 21-day Rehabilitation Membership providing you with access to over $1million worth of rehabilitation equipment to get you back to exercising and playing sport faster! Whether it’s for a little niggle or a chronic tendonitis, research suggests that the right form of exercise is beneficial for injury management and the experts at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy can show you the way. Injury Prevention We offer sport-specific injury screenings to identify athletes risk of injury and any deficits which may be limiting performance. This information can then be used to create a customised exercise program to enhance performance and prevent future injury.  These screenings would benefit athletes of any age and ability, and we have specific screenings designed for runners (including a treadmill assessment), golfers, gym-goers, and team sports athletes. COMMON RUNNING INJURIES treated at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy include: COMMON GOLFERS INJURIES treated at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy include: COMMON GYM-GOERS INJURIES treated at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy include: COMMON TEAM SPORT INJURIES treated at Spine & Sports Physiotherapy include: The longer you leave an injury without being seen the more damage you could be doing to it, which means more missed games and time away from exercising.