Workers Compensation & Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Have you recently been injured in a work injury or car accident which is covered under compensation?

Are you currently in pain and are not sure what’s the right thing to do, or what you should be avoiding?

Finding the right help is important and it is your decision where you get treatment.

At Spine & Sports Physiotherapy, we understand that the biggest fear in people returning to work after an injury is “what if it happens again when I go back?” All of our physiotherapists practice “hands-on” manipulative therapy and exercise rehabilitation to help you recover from your injury and ensure that you have a safe transition back to work.

How can we help?

  • “Hands-on” manipulative therapy to reduce pain and stiffness, while improving your mobility.
  • Assess your work duties and structure a rehabilitation program for your specific needs.
  • Prescribe exercises to support your injury and get your body ready in going back to work.
  • Work together with your insurance company and your employer to ensure a smooth transition back to work without compromising your injury or long-term health

So if you’re in pain and need help – CALL US TODAY on (08) 9707 3708 and start on the road to recovery.

Please note – a referral letter from your Doctor and a claim number from your Insurance Company is needed beforestarting physiotherapy.