Businessman sitting in office and using computer

3 Tips to Setup Home-Office Like a Physio

We know that many people are stuck at home and struggling with neck pain and headaches due to the poor computer set-up in their home office.

After helping 1000’s of others with this ergonomic problem over the years, I thought I’d share my 3 top tips on how to setup your home-office to stop neck pain and headaches for good.

#1 Support your lower back to help your neck pain

The first thing to help relieve neck pain and stop you hunching forward over your keyboard is to fix your lower back position.

The way you do that is to get a big fat pillow and put that in the small of your lower back.

This should prop you up into a better sitting position, so that you can sit relaxed and leaning slightly back preventing you from hunching forward.

#2 Get closer to your computer

The next issue we see is people are sitting too far away from their keyboards and therefore have to hunch forwards to reach them placing added stress and tension on their neck and shoulders.

What I recommend is tucking your seat forward so your belly button is right on the actual desk, then bring your keyboard and mouse closer to you, that way you can now type in a good sitting position with your elbows resting at your sides.

If your elbows are resting in front of your shoulders, you will end up hunching forward and getting neck and shoulder pain.

#3 Lift your monitor for an ergonomic boost

If the monitor is too low, then you will bend your neck forward to look down at it contributing to neck pain and headaches.

Simply prop a box/books under your monitor so that it lifts it up so the top of the screen sits at roughly eye level, allowing your neck to be in a better position.

Your monitor should also be about an arm’s length away from you to not strain your eyes.

I hope these home ergonomic tips help reduce your neck pain and headaches.

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