Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain with exercise? Make sure your shoulders are in the best position

ABC Challenge Part 3

ABC Challenge Part 3 Do you know your ABCs Part 3! This month we’re learning

Quadricep Stretch

Quadricep Stretch how to stretch your quads properly! Click Here for a FREE Physio Assessment

Shoulder Stability at Home

Shoulder Stability at Home up your exercises to save your shoulders! Click Here for a

Foam Rolling for Knee Pain

Foam Rolling for Knee Pain knee pain after getting back into Winter sport? Foam rolling

ABC Challenge Part 2

ABC Challenge Part 2 you know your ABCs Part 2!  This month we’re learning our

Exercise for Neck Stiffness

Exercise for Neck Stiffness Experiencing neck stiffness that just won’t go away? Try this exercise

ABC Challenge

ABC Challenge Do you know your ABCs? Watch along as each month we go through

Upper Back Relief

Upper Back Relief Easiest way to relieve your upper back after a long day. Click

Back Movement

Back Movement Confused about how much you should be using your back when lifting? In

Computer Posture

Computer Posture Get your ergonomics right and set up your work computer like a physio!

Squat It Out!

Squat It Out! Check out this video to see how you can progress your bodyweight

Preventing Neck Stiffness

Preventing Neck Stiffness Today’s Top Tip is for all those who spend a lot of

Patella Tendon Taping

Patella Tendon Taping Simple Patella Tendon Taping For Jumper’s Knee.  Click Here for a FREE

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch How to stretch your hamstrings effectively.  Click Here for a FREE Physio Assessment

Back Pain

Back Pain Experiencing back pain with lifting or overhead activities? This week we discuss why

TMJ Syndrome

TMJ Syndrome Jaw pain got you down? Check out this video as we explain what

Car Driving Posture

Car Driving Posture Neck & shoulder pain when driving? Learn how to set up your

Boost your Balance

Boost your…..BALANCE “Did you just fall?” “No, I didn’t…the floor just needed a hug” While it

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage Below are the most frequently asked questions that get asked about Reflexology Massage. Read


Whiplash Is your neck stiff and sore after a car crash? Find out what is whiplash, how

Sports Massage FAQ

Sports Massage FAQ Here are the main questions (and answers) I get asked by athletes who

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain What’s causing my Shoulder Pain?  Shoulder Impingement is by far the most common cause