Improve Your Balance!

Having good balance strengthens your core muscles, helps prevent injuries and is excellent for posture. If


Learn a few things about tendons and, more specifically, tendinopathy, in today’s Top Tips! It’s a

Middle Back Pain

Having trouble with mid-back pain when you sit for long periods? Try this exercise to help

Muscular Back Pain

Experiencing back pain when bending over? This could be muscular back pain. Watch the video to

Ankle Sprain

Just sprained your ankle? Here’s some tips to help you manage it and have a faster

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow.. What is it? What should you do and what should you avoid? 🎾 Today’s video

Easy Quad Stretch

An easy way to start stretching your quads when they’re feeling that little bit too tight!

Groin Stretch

Groin pain? Try this exercise to help ease the pain and help prevent future groin strains. 

How to Hip Hinge

Top Tips Tuesday: How to hip hinge. This technique is awesome for getting back into correct

Foot Massage

After a long, stressful day, a foot massage may be just what you need to help

Glutes & Hamstrings

Today’s exercises are all about using your glutes to fire up your hamstrings!  Click Here for

Scapula Control

Are your shoulders stuck up around your ears??? Learn how we teach people our starter exercises

Calf Strengthening

Learn how to compliment your preseason running program and avoid lower leg injury by strengthening through

Quadricep Tendinitis

Knee pain just above your knee cap? Check these exercises/advice to help if you are experiencing

Tennis Elbow

Try today’s top tips to help alleviate any elbow pain you might be experiencing!If you’re having

Eye Massage

Try this 1 minute eye massage to help relieve your eyes from too much screen time!


Burn off the holiday tummy with my favourite ab exercise! If you celebrated too much and

Groin Strain

Repetitive Groin Pain/Strains? Get into this (p)rehab exercise before the season starts to stay on the

Pectoral Stretch

Try this quick and easy chest stretch – great if you’re sore and tight due to

Running Man Exercise

Take a look at one of my favourite exercises especially for runners, helping them become injury

Peroneal Stretch

Pain on the outside of your shins? Check out this simply stretch that you can do

Sleeper Stretch

Are you experiencing pain in your rotator cuff? Check out my favourite stretch to help manage

Hamstring Strains

Is your poor glute timing contributing to your repetitive hamstring strains? Watch the video below to

Ankle Sprains

Frustrated by recurrent ankle sprains? Try this exercise to strengthen the muscles around the ankle and

Forearm Massage

Looking for a simple yet effective way to massage your forearm? Watch this video as Tan

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain with exercise? Make sure your shoulders are in the best position possible to avoid

Quadricep Stretch

Want to learn how to stretch your quads properly? Find out if you’re doing it right

ABC Challenge

Do you know your ABCs? Watch along as each month we go through our version of

Back Movement

Confused about how much you should be using your back when lifting? In today’s Top Tips,

Computer Posture

Want to learn how to get your ergonomics right and set up your work computer like

Squat It Out!

Check out this video to see how you can progress your bodyweight squat from beginner to

Patella Tendon Taping

Watch the video demonstration to learn how to perform simple patella tendon taping for jumper’s knee. 

Hamstring Stretch

Want to learn how to stretch your hamstrings effectively? Make sure you watch the video to

Back Pain

Experiencing back pain with lifting or overhead activities? This week we discuss why this might be

TMJ Syndrome

Jaw pain got you down? Check out this video as we explain what TMJ syndrome is

Boost your Balance

Boost your…..BALANCE “Did you just fall?” “No, I didn’t…the floor just needed a hug” While it

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage Below are the most frequently asked questions that get asked about Reflexology Massage. Read


Whiplash Is your neck stiff and sore after a car crash? Find out what is whiplash, how

Sports Massage FAQ

Sports Massage FAQ Here are the main questions (and answers) I get asked by athletes who

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain What’s causing my Shoulder Pain?  Shoulder Impingement is by far the most common cause