Sore Knees With Squatting? Read This Squatting Survival Guide

The new year is the time when most people are getting back into the gym (or bootcamp) and trying to work off all the weight they put on over the holiday season. It also coincides with a lot of people coming through our doors with knee pain from all the squats they are now doing.

Don’t get me wrong, squats are a great exercise that strengthen your legs and core, while improving mobility and bone health, HOWEVER if you do them incorrectly they can definitely cause knee pain and halt your new years resolution before you even get started.

This is why I thought I’d share with you how to perform a perfect squat.

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet slightly turned out as feels comfortable for you.

Step 2
“Sit back” while keeping your chest tall and looking forward (like your sitting down into a chair).

Step 3
Lower yourself down until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor (think about how you would lower yourself down to hover over a dirty toilet seat). It is VERY IMPORTANT that your knees stay over your 2nd toe throughout the entire squat!

Step 4
Push through your heels and stand up.

The majority of knee pain with squatting is caused by the knees “falling in” during the squatting movement. If you have trouble stopping them from falling in, try placing a small exercise band around your thighs above your knees – this will encourage your Gluteals (buttock muscles) to work and keep the knees tracking correctly.

For more tips I give to my patients on how to end knee pain, download this FREE guide below.