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 Patient Success Stories

 Robert – “I can highly recommend Spine & Sports Physiotherapy for helping me with my lower back pain and numbness in my thighs. Being an avid golfer (3 day’s a week) it was becoming increasingly obvious that my back wasn’t handling the workload. However after 4 weeks of treatment my back has improved greatly, and with the use of exercises designed to supplement my treatment I am now getting greater enjoyment from my sport. At 68 years old I am indebted to them for re-invigorating my lifestyle and extending my sporting enjoyment. Thank you.”

 Kylie – “I was in Bunbury to run the marathon and was about to pull out due to back pain that had stopped me running for over a week. I made an appointment on the Saturday afternoon  just to see if there was anything they could do. I was listened to and the information given was very helpful.  By the end of the appointment I was feeling much better and I ran the marathon and came third. I would not have been able to do that had I not gone to Spine & Sports Physiotherapy. I would definitely recommend them if you need to see a physio.”

 Jeff – “After tweaking my lower back at my indoor cricket semi final, I found myself struggling to get out of bed the following morning. It was locked up. Having never had a sports injury I wasnt sure what to expect, but I knew it wasnt a good start. One thing was for certain, missing the grand final the following week was not an option. I came to Spine and Sports hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. With 3 sessions to help mobilise the injured joint, aswell as being given a range of stretches, and exercises to keep from another flare up I was able to play in the grand final 1 week after the injury with no pain. We lost by 18 runs, but my back is 100% which makes Spine & &ports Physiotherapy a winner.”